Bookkeeper at MuseMinded

Location:  US Locations:  100% Remote; Part-Time

This will start as part time (approximately 5 hours per week) with the plan to gradually transition to full time.


A MuseMinded Bookkeeper will take full responsibility for the deliverables of the operation, build a team and implement systems designed to support the company’s growth, and create a culture of radical customer care.

This position starts out part time (approximately 5 hours per week) under the title of Bookkeeper. A gradual transition to full time will take place, and once full time has been reached the team member will graduate to the position of Controller.


Master and harness 100% of MuseMinded’s domain knowledge (“buck stops here” mentality)

  • Able to answer all questions rolled up to you from the team. If you do not know the answer, take ownership of finding it
  • Never let a client issue (big or small) pass by without viewing it through an “owner’s” lens, looking for opportunities to pivot/learn/improve
  • Get creative/innovative in solving problems and meeting clients’ needs in ways that remain scalable

Make the bookkeeping maintenance operations more efficient

  • Responsible for ensuring that no task is forgotten or overlooked throughout each client’s monthly cycle, all are completed thoroughly and in a timely manner, and that they are executed with consistency from month to month
  • Prioritize each client’s experience/success by ensuring that their nuances are documented for team-wide reference
  • Oversee workflows, with an eye for improvements in quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction
  • Oversee onboarding operations, including scoping out each project and managing the team of Virtual Assistants contracted to get the tasks completed
  • Grow in your expertise of areas including accounting/bookkeeping, business management, client success, communication, and problem-solving

Assist in growing our Net Promoter Score to 90+

  • Collaborate with the Operators and Financial Concierge to implement client success frameworks
  • Demonstrate the ability to make this outcome a top priority without sacrificing the success of other operational initiatives

Develop and implement quality control standards and practices

  • Standards of quality are to be laid out and published with the team
  • Based on those standards, systems are to be created that maintain and track their follow-through
  • Perform regular and ongoing CPR with Coders and Microtaskers to ensure their performance matches our standards and their needs are being met (improve processes as needed based on the feedback gathered during these meetings)
  • When VAs are failing to live up to the predetermined quality standards, using proper judgement, the Sr. Bookkeepers will either offer coaching or terminate the contract using processes lined out in the HR playbook

Hire and train high caliber talent across the bookkeeping area of the business

  • Hire and train virtual assistants to complete the bookkeeping tasks using the established tools for scoping out roles, creating job listings, vetting applicants, and orienting new hires
  • Think creatively about how the screening/hiring/training process can be improved upon and iterate accordingly

Create and implement a learning roadmap

  • Understand and appreciate the role that continual learning has in developing first class leaders
  • A habit of building and executing an annual learning roadmap (including books, seminars, webinars, podcasts, etc) has been established


Relevant experience

Possesses a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in accounting/finance along with 3+ years of similar work experience.


Generates new and innovative approaches to problems.


Acts without being told what to do. Brings new ideas to the company.

Ability to develop people

Coaches people in their current roles to improve performance, and prepares them for future opportunities in accordance with business needs and personal career goals.

Continuous learning

Takes advantage of all opportunities for professional development, seeking feedback on both style and performance, learning from others and gaining valuable lessons from successes and mistakes.

Work ethic

Possesses a strong willingness to work hard and sometimes long hours to get the job done. Has a track record of working hard.

Calm under pressure

Maintains stable performance when under heavy pressure or stress.


Reaches out to peers and co-operates with strategic teams to establish an overall collaborative working relationship between all areas.


Open about how time is spent and decisions are made, willing to provide/receive honest feedback, fostering a culture of trust and authenticity.


Ensures that key information is shared timely, clearly, kindly, and respectfully.



Starting wage: $27/hr, 5 hours per week

Full time salary range: $57,000-$66,000 annually

Factors for salary increases

  • Honed new skills
  • Ownership of new responsibilities
  • Professional development
  • Mastery of blueprint outcome(s)


  • Fully remote position – as long as you have access to reliable internet, your work location can be as flexible as you!
  • Health care reimbursement plan
  • Office expense stipend
  • Summer Fridays off
  • Professional Development reimbursement