French Tutor at Duolingo

French Tutor (Gold Team)

  • Remote Worldwide
  • Contract

Duolingo is piloting a project where we connect real students with real language instructors.

Our learners will be able to text their tutor a question related to grammar, vocabulary clarification, requesting pronunciation feedback, and help with “casual conversation”.

You would interact with students through a chat interface and communicate by sending text, audio clips, and short pre-recorded videos. While students can ask questions 24/7, the expectation is that you respond within roughly 24 hours – therefore your work hours will be very flexible and spread throughout the day.

We are looking for passionate French teachers who are interested and able to help learners master the French language!

You Will…

  • Use your expertise in teaching French to English speakers to answer questions about French grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation.
  • Create short, easy to understand explanations to student questions via text, video, and audio.
  • Exercise creativity and humor to ensure that students are engaged and find value in their interactions.
  • Maintain an approximately 24h response turnaround time.

You Have…

  • Experience teaching French to English speakers.
  • Mastery of French grammatical concepts and ability to concisely communicate these to learners over text message (or video).
  • Experience in explaining pronunciation.
  • Experience crafting language learning material.
  • Basic digital literacy (Google docs, spreadsheets).
  • Excellent interpersonal communication and organizational skills.
  • Ability to work at least 15 hours a week.
  • A passion for teaching French!

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